Thursday, November 5, 2015

Update on the UC Merced Stabbing

Authorities in Merced have held a news conference this evening in which they discussed a "manifesto" discovered on Faisal Mohammad during his autopsy (!!??) It indicates that he was angry at classmates for kicking him out of a study group. Further, that he had a list of 14 students who he planned to tie up and kill after drawing in police, stealing a gun and shooting people. There were references to praising Allah. The authorities conclude there is no connection to terrorism.

It may well be that this was not an act of jihad. It may well be that this had no connection to the events in Israel and that he was not targeting Jewish students- just an angry, mixed up 18-year-old who happened to be a Muslim.

I hope that is all it is. Yet, I am still curious as to whether the first student who got stabbed was Jewish. Is there anything else in the manifesto that has not been released? We have seen a few cases right here in California in recent years of young Muslim men going on a rampage, being shot and killed by cops, and the public not getting the full facts regarding the motivation. I hope this will not be another such case.

Whatever the motivation was in Merced, the students have a right to know. It affects their safety.

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