Wednesday, November 18, 2015

UC Merced Update

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Faisal Mohammad

The Merced Sun Star is reporting that the DA's office is investigating the shooting of Faisal Mohammad by UC Merced campus police. This is routine procedure in any officer-involved shooting especially when it results in a  fatality. The paper also repeats the claim that (according to unnamed law enforcement sources), Mohammad had a computer printout of the Islamic State flag in his possession.

If the flag claim is true, coupled with the manifesto found on Mohammad's person, we can put to rest any speculation as to motive. It was jihad. We don't have to prove it in a court of law because he is dead, but common sense tells me that it would be a clear case of jihad.

By the way: Why haven't the authorities released the full text of the manifesto (minus the list of names of 14 intended victims)?

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