Thursday, November 19, 2015

Terror Attacks in Israel: Five Dead

As the world mourns the victims of the Paris attack, Israel continues to suffer their own attacks, which the world chooses not to mourn. It has happened yet again, and like the Paris attack, one of the dead is an American.

Of course, this latest round of violence in Israel is on a  smaller scale. It is thanks to the much-maligned security wall and strict security measures that Israel is now able to avoid large scale loss of life as seen in Paris. Yet, the outside world only expresses outrage when Israel strikes back, and that includes France. Hopefully the French, including Francois Hollande, are starting to wake up to what Israel is dealing with.

And will there be similar outrage against the Palestinians over the death of one of our own in the US? Don't bet on it. Will there be a candle light vigil on the campus of this young man's school in the US? We will have to wait and see.

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