Saturday, November 14, 2015

Swastika at Mizzou: Where Are the Jewish Protests?

Hat tip The Maneater

Among all the black student protests at the University of Missouri over racially charged incidents, one reported incident seems to be lost in the shuffle. It has been reported that a swastika was smeared on a wall in human feces.

"Mizzou Hillel Executive Director Jeanne Snodgrass said the Jewish campus center is troubled and concerned by any hate message, including this most recent act.
“A swastika is particularly problematic for us because of its association with anti-Jewish sentiment,” Snodgrass said in an email. “I am glad that the university is taking the incident so seriously. Hillel and the Jewish Student Organization will continue to be available to provide support, community and dialogue to Jewish and interested non-Jewish students.”
Snodgrass said she is concerned about what seems to be an increase in anti-Semitic activity on college campuses nationally.
“The few incidents we have had at Mizzou are troubling in part because of the concern that they may be part of this trend,” Snodgrass said."

So my question is: Where are the protests by Jewish students? Where are the walkouts? Where are the resignations of administrators?

As I so often write, anti-Semitism on college campuses is real and serious. I note that Mizzou has a Hillel chapter. What do they have to say aside from the above statement by Ms Snodgrass?

Aside from that, all I can find are a few tweets about standing in solidarity with everybody else.

I can only hope that Hillel at Mizzou has not followed the model of Hillel's California chapters and told the Jewish students to hold it down lest prospective Jewish students reconsider applying to Mizzou. Swastikas are serious and they are directed at Jews-not blacks. I am not advocating that Jewish students shut down the university. I just wonder why such a disparate response.

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