Saturday, November 14, 2015

Remembering the Words of Juan Cole

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Juan Cole-PhD

In October 2014, I was present at California State University at Long Beach to listen to University of Michigan professor Juan Cole, an apologist for the Arab world, speak. With the reported death of the British ISIS terrorist, "Jihadi John" from a drone strike this week, I am reminded of how a student brought up this monster's name during a question to Cole about the British citizens who had gone to join ISIS. Cole responded by calling British Prime Minister David Cameron a racist and Islamophobe for alerting the public that some 400 Brits had joined ISIS-"a minuscule number" according to Cole in a country with 4 million Muslims.

We are hearing that one of the attackers in Paris had a Syrian passport and had entered Greece as a refugee. We are hearing that others spoke French with no accents. It appears that the melange of "refugees" and home grown terrorists returning from Syria has struck. We can only expect more.

And finally: It has just been reported that an American, 23-year-old Nohemi Gonzalez, an exchange student from Cal State Long Beach is among the dead.

I wonder if she was also in the audience last year at CSU Long Beach listening to the words of this foolish professor.

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Anonymous said...

American living in Frankfurt: German TV tonight questioning Mutti Merkel's decision to welcome hundreds of thousands of refugees to Germany. The liberals call for tolerance, understanding, prayers, solidarity with France, candle-light marches, and other namby-pamby reactions to what I consider cold-blooded murder. I like your idea of NATO cleaning up Syria and parts of Iraq, and we'll see if Hollande follows up his claims of "declarations of war." Don't the Europeans have a right to defend themselves? Are they going to dick around with burqa bans, sharia laws that frown on pork (in Deutschland? Are you kidding me?)and alcohol consumption. There were German police, armed with machine guns, at a recent Bierfest in Frankfurt because the Islamic "community" felt uncomfortable about the event. F*** them! I have the uneasy feeling that we're seeing the escalation of a jihadist war against Europe, and we'll see if the infidels have the balls to strike back.