Monday, November 30, 2015

Pro-Palestinian Crybabies at UMich Don't Want Debate

Hat tip The College Fix

This is what happens when someone has the audacity to debate with pro-Palestinian supporters on campuses. They cry foul. At the University of Michigan, pro-Palestinian students set up a display of the Israeli wall, which they (the students) refer to as the "Apartheid Wall". (It separates Israelis' from those who want to murder them.) So a Jewish student engages them in debate. Result?

I have seen these mock wall displays at UC Irvine every year when the Muslim Student Union holds their annual anti-Israel week. I have also seen it at San Diego State University when they held theirs. It is routine for MSU students to pass out pamphlets and be ready to "explain" the pro-Palestinian narrative to interested passers-by (of which there are few). Thus, when they are engaging in these campus protests, they should be ready to engage with those who might just disagree, right?

Oh, I forgot. To disagree with the little cupcakes is a form of micro-aggression. Or is it macro-aggression?

To the pro-Palestinian crybabies at the University of Michigan, I would say if you want to set up a mock apartheid wall with images of terrorists, like Leila Khalid, on them masquerading as human rights champions, and wear mock IDF costumes, be prepared for debate. If you want to publicly say that Israeli soldiers are murderers, be prepared for debate. If you are not ready for that, maybe you ought to put on your student costumes and get back to class.

Maybe we should put these crybabies out of the football field with Coach Jim Harbaugh and put them in shoulder pads. Maybe he can make men of them.

But I doubt it.

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