Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris: Andrew McCarthy Nails It

Hat tip PJ Media and Paul Schnee

Amid all the sympathy extended to France in the wake of this tragedy, the French must do some soul searching. Like the rest of us, they have allowed a bad situation to fester for too long. Like their European neighbors and our president, they have treated Israel with disdain. President Hollande himself has treated Israeli President Bibi Netanyahu shabbily. Their Jewish fellow citizens, under attack, have been leaving France in droves. Perhaps now they can better understand what Israel is living with.

Former federal prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy, who is an expert on radical Islam and terrorism, has a must-read piece on France in PJ Media.

France and the rest of the West need to decide if freedom, democracy, and a civilized society  are worth fighting for. If so, and I believe it is, our path is clear. ISIS must be destroyed and this ideology must be removed from our countries.

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elwood p suggins said...

If we insist on importing hundreds of thousands of Muslim "refugees", whom we admit we cannot properly vet, all we are doing is begging for/facilitating similar attacks here in the U.S. Bound to happen, sooner or later (probably sooner).