Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MIzzou Communications Asst Professor Resigns

Hat tip The Missourian

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"Why couldn't I have been Tony the Tiger?"

Melissa Click, who incredibly, is (or now was) an asst professor of communications at the University of Missouri, has resigned her "courtesy appointment" (whatever that is) and apologized after being captured on videotape trying to stop a student journalist from filming a campus protest and for calling "for some muscle" to remove the journalist when he refused to stop filming. Another faculty member who confronted the student reporter is also apologizing for her actions.

As for any threats directed at Ms. Click or Ms. Basler, I condemn that and hope nothing will occur in that respect. I do find it amazing that Ms Click  specifically would be attempting to stop a student journalist from filming a public event on a public site (university campus). Has she no clue about the First Amendment? As for her trying to enlist "some muscle" to forcibly remove the young man (who was courageously standing his ground), it is my opinion that the university should remove her from any remaining positions. What credibility does she have remaining in this field when she doesn't even understand the First Amendment, the most important constitutional right that journalists in America enjoy?

This entire story has now led to major embarrassments for the University of Missouri irregardless of the underlying complaints, which may be justified. Protesting is fine. It is guaranteed under the First Amendment. So is reporting. When protesters, be they black students, white students, or white professors, engage in bullying and intimidation  tactics, their complaints get lost in the shuffle. It has gotten to the point where the University of Missouri is becoming a national laughing stock.

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elwood p suggins said...

This gets a little confusing to me. Best I can figure out from the reporting, while she had a "courtesy post" in the journalism school (as a student advisor/mentor/whatever, for God's sake), she was, and I believe remains, an assistant professor in the communications department. While she may not have taught in the journalism school, she most certainly routinely did so in the communications department.

A token resignation if there ever was one. Her apology notwithstanding, she should be completely gone from this campus. Probably never happen.

I believe I may have answered my own previous question about the hunger striker's financing. Looks like he comes from a family of privilege/significant wealth. In that event, if that is how his parents want to spend their money, if that is the case, then go for it.