Sunday, November 8, 2015

M.I.T. Disgrace

Hat tip JJ

Two Arab/Palestinian student groups at M.I.T. are sponsoring a talk by a Norwegian politician, Mads Gilbert, who made intemperate remarks about 9-11 and stated that the attack was justified.

If this country had any pride left, people like Gilbert would not be allowed to enter the US. A violation of his rights? Nobody who is not an American citizen has a "right" to enter our country. In fact, that is true of any country.

This also speaks volumes about the groups that are inviting Gilbert. Of course, out here in California, we are well acquainted with these groups. They are a plague on university campuses with their never-ending support of their murderous Palestinian brethren..

I don't believe in disruption or any other act that breaks the law. I just hope there will be  a massive and peaceful protest at M.I.T. when this jerk comes to speak.

Of course, I have no doubt that M.I.T. professor and all around quack Noam Chomsky will be front and center applauding and hugging Gilbert.

It's all very sickening that college students would gather to hear from a man who excused 9-11.

Update: It gets worse. He is speaking at UC Berkeley on November 12. Note all the despicable groups who are sponsoring him; American Muslims for Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace among others.

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