Friday, November 6, 2015

Merced Attacker Reportedly Planned to Behead Victims

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke has gone out of his way to refute any idea that Faisal Mohammad's stabbing spree at UC Merced this week had any religious connection. The official line at this point is that Mohammad was bent on revenge for being kicked out of a study group. The two page manifesto found on his person, however, indicates he wanted to kill many people-not just individuals who had offended him. That suggests lone wolf terrorism to me. Now Fox News is reporting that the manifesto talked about beheading people and "praising Allah" while in the act of killing.

I have -and am still speculating that one of Mohammad's intended stabbing victims may have been Jewish given the events going on in Israel. That has not yet been shown one way or another. If it turns out that the first student stabbed in that classroom was Jewish, I would infer that this was an act of intifada in solidarity with the Palestinian attackers who are stabbing Jews randomly in Israel.

If it is accurate that he planned to behead people, if that is in his manifesto and he listed as one thing to do was to "praise Allah" while killing people, then as far as I am concerned this was an act of jihad. Getting kicked out of a study group may have triggered it, but if these latest revelations are accurate, religion was a factor. A plan to behead people indicates he was inspired by ISIS.

Hopefully, the full manifesto will be released soon. Naturally, any names of intended victims will be deleted. I still would like to know if any victims/intended victims were Jewish.

*Update: I have just been advised by a Merced Jewish source that no Jews were injured in the attack.

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