Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kerry and Obama "Explain" Their Comments

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"Hey! I have an idea! Let's take him to the US."

"Splendid idea. What could possibly go wrong?"

As Russia and France strike back at ISIS, our president w and secretary of state were in Turkey and France respectively embarrassing themselves and the nation they purport to represent.

First, Obama reacted angrily and arrogantly to reporters who dared to ask him critical questions about his policy against ISIS. He called the Paris attacks a "setback". He still  has no second thoughts about bringing Syrian refugees into the US notwithstanding the obvious dangers.

And then there is John Kerry who gave a rambling talk to his embassy staffers in Paris in which he seemed to imply that the earlier Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris was understandable as opposed to Friday's attacks. He even used the word "legitimacy" until correcting himself by adding, "er, not legitimacy".

This is a man who spews vomit every time he opens his big mouth.

And then there is White House spokeshole Josh Earnest who now tells us to focus on Obama's actions as much as his words.

Actions? What actions?

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