Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Is The University of Missouri Losing Its Mind?

I am trying to be fair about the insanity going on at the University of Missouri over alleged racial incidents. To be fair, at least one incident seems well documented when a drunken white guy made a scene on campus and uttered the n-word. In addition, there are numerous reports of Confederate flags being hung from windows on campus. I can understand black students being offended by that. There has also been an incident of a swastika scrawled on a wall in human feces. (Where are the Jewish students? Probably told to stand down by Hillel.)

Given that, now, after the chancellor and president have resigned, we are still witnessing protests, demands and incidents like this: First, a media studies assistant professor tries to get a student reporter with a video camera forcibly removed from filming a public protest on public property (that being the University of Missouri campus that state residents pay taxes to support).

"Can I get some muscle over here?"

And now, the university itself is asking students to help identify persons or students and their license numbers who make "hateful statements" (however they define hateful statements).

What kind of journalism is Mizzou teaching its students that an asst professor has no clue about the First Amendment rights of reporters to film public events on a public site?

Make no mistake: This will spread to other campuses across the nation.

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elwood p suggins said...

What nice work by the assistant prof. She of course should have resigned, but she may, or may not, be all the way out. Probably not.

Mizzou being such a racist enviornment, I wonder how the hunger striker has managed to tolerate it for long enough to get an undergraduate degree (four years??) and then be a graduate student for another four, for a total of eight, with probably more to follow. He sounds like a "professional student" as well as an agitator. Everybody has to be something, and while I guess it is really none of my business, I am curious about who is paying for all this education.

And if Mizzou is racist, why then it is almost necessarily homophobic as well. After Michael Sam (double whammy, black and gay) played football there and went to the pros, he somehow found it in his heart to return to this wretched campus in 2014 for some sort of award presentation ceremony/doings. Betcha there was some $$$$$ involved there, which of course usually trumps both race and homophobia.