Friday, November 6, 2015

How the Norwegian Media Distorts Reporting on Israel

Hat tip Norway, Israel and the Jews

Image result for vidkun quisling and hitler
Hitler meets Vidkun Quisling-his stooge in Norway during WW II

Norway is a country that is hostile to Israel. It is also a country where Jews are moving out because of the hostile atmosphere they are living in. No, it's not because Vidkun Quisling's descendants have reorganized a neo-Nazi party. It is thanks to the immigrants who happen to be Muslim.

So while Norway struggles with a restive and non-assimilated Muslim population, the country actively supports the Palestinian cause. With the current violence going on in Israel, Here is an example of the slanted reporting of the Norwegian media.

I suspect that most European countries that are so hostile to Israel (Sweden, Norway, France, Austria) are taking the path of least resistance. They want good relations with the Arab world, They need Arab oil. They also have to deal with their unassimilated immigrants, most of whom come from Muslim countries.Thus, they curry favor by bashing Israel on the political and diplomatic front.


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