Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dartmouth Vice Provost: "Unqualified Support For Student Protests"

Hat tip Dartmouth Review and Campus Reform

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Inge-Lise Ameer

A few days ago, we cross-posted a report about an ugly demonstration in the Dartmouth College library. If you thought that these students would be disciplined for their actions, think again. The vice provost for student affairs, a dim bulb named Inge- Lise Ameer, thought it was "wonderful and peaceful".

"Then, she reiterated that she thought that the protest was a “wonderful, peaceful march” and asked the numerous “faculty and administrators in support” of the protesters present to raise their hands. Several of them did."

"Ah wunnerful, uh wunnerful, beautiful, ah"

I would like to salute the Dartmouth Review, a long-standing conservative publication. They exhibit true courage and common sense-quite unlike Ms. Ameer.

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