Monday, November 30, 2015

Dartmouth in Full Whitewash Mode

                                                                              Dartmouth College Library

The current issue of the Dartmouth campus paper, The Dartmouth, is taking a predictably politically correct line on the November 12 incident at the Dartmouth College library in which Black Lives Matter protesters engaged in disruptions and intimidation. It appears the university is going to defend the actions of the protesters.

The conservative campus paper, The Dartmouth Review, has a different take.

Below is a video of Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Inge-Lise Ameer at an "emergency community meeting" with students in which she totally defends the actions of the demonstrators and condemns those who complained. She says, "There's a whole conservative world out there that's not very nice." "They're f---ing racists," says a student in response.  She talks about protecting students from an unsafe environment and wants to be informed if anyone calls them "terrible names". However, she is not talking about the white students who were verbally abused in the library. She is speaking to her audience, the students in the room. It is beyond amazing.

This woman talks like she's been smoking her socks.

I find it amazing that people can defend walking into a library, disrupting the efforts of students to study and hurling insults at white this and white that. A reported physical assault against a white female student is disputed, but the racist verbal assaults are defended.

After all, it was "nothing personal".

So just who is it that doesn't feel safe at Dartmouth? How many cases have there been of black students being assaulted on campus? How about somebody check with the Dartmouth Campus Police to see when such an incident last happened? When is the last time that any black students were subjected what those white students in the library were subjected to?

Seems to me a lot of Dartmouth students should transfer to another school. Leave it to the protesters and administrators like Inge Lise-Ameer.

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