Thursday, November 12, 2015

Comemmorate 9-11? Not at University of Minnesota

Hat tip Campus Reform

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Are gophers rodents? You know. members of the rat family? If so, the University of Minnesota has the appropriate mascot after the student government refused to commemorate 9-11 on the grounds that it was carried out by non-white perpetrators, and thus, would make non-white people feel unsafe-or something like that.

I wonder if the victims of 9-11, both white and non-white, felt that the twin towers were safe spaces as they will struggling to get out or jumping from the 95th floor. Did the passengers on those four planes, both white and non-white, consider those planes to be safe spaces as they hurdled toward their targets?

But no. The poor little cupcakes at the University of Minnesota think it would be racist to pay homage to the victims of those barbarians who carried out 9-11.

All because the barbarians happened to be non-white.

Or something like that.

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