Sunday, November 8, 2015

CNN in Full Investigative Mode-On Ben Carson's Childhood

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

"We have a situation here."

The mainstream media never ceases to amaze me. Dr Ben Carson, who is running for president and running second in most polls in the Republican primary, has shared details of his young life growing up in Detroit. He has shared events from his life that most people would try to keep secret. He has told of having a violent temper, of trying to stab another youth, of trying to strike his mother in the head with a hammer.

Apparently, CNN doesn't believe him. They have launched a full investigation in attempting to find corroboration. They have failed to find anyone from Carson's youth to corroborate the claims.  Of course, CNN is not the FBI and Carson is refusing to name the people involved in order to respect their privacy. On Thursday night, he appeared on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show and stated that one of the persons was a close relative, that he had asked the relative whether he wanted to go public, and that the relative did not care to do so.

Yet, CNN is determined to get to the bottom of this all. Wolf Blitzer is hunkered down in his Situation Room, Brooke Baldwin is asking questions, reporters are running all over Detroit, but nobody can crack the case.

Yet, this same CNN is not much interested in investigating Hillary Clinton's emails.

Or her actions before, during and after Benghazi.

Or who came up with the idea of using the anti-Islam video as the reason behind the attack.

Or the financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation.

Or the $700,000 speeches Bill Clinton is giving to people who wanted favors from the State Department while his erstwhile wife was secretary of state.

Or whether she has committed perjury before the select committee investigating Benghazi.

No. CNN would rather devote their resources and send their reporters to Detroit to find out whether Ben Carson, in fact, assaulted people as a kid-as he admits.

Is there any doubt that the mainstream media is biased? This is American journalism today. It is agenda-driven. I would say that this would make Pravda proud. Except that Pravda never had to investigate opposition parties.

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