Monday, November 23, 2015

Clock Boy Files Lawsuit From Qatar

I have tried to be tolerant with this kid, Ahmed Mohammed, the 14-year-old kid who brought a contraption to school that looked like a bomb. He became a cause celebe, met Obama, and has now moved with his family to Qatar. That's a good place for him. Now he and his family have filed a lawsuit over the incident.

This kid is being used as a tool by his family-especially his father-a known Islamic activist.

First of all, I hope they don't get a penny. I say fight the case in a courtroom in front of a jury. Secondly, I hope that family stays right there in Qatar, the duplicitous, terror-supporting  country from which Al Jazeera has sprouted. I can't believe we actually have Westerners, including Americans, working for Al Jazeera as  reporters, anchors, and op-ed writers and accepting Qatari money.

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