Friday, November 20, 2015

Amherst College Cupcakes

Hat tip the Amherst Student

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Lord Jeff

While real victims in places like Paris and Mali try to deal with their losses, the little rascals at Amherst College are trying to deal with the trauma of having an offensive school mascot. So they protest and presen ta list of demands while the university president cancels a trip to Japan to meet with the little darlings and sooth them.

“There is a mental health crisis at this school.....,"

There certainly is, but it is not the kind the student is expressing.

The students' long term goals should be to get a degree and get out into the real world.

This is the most childish piece of rubbish I have ever read. Universities are the epitome of political correctness and leftist thought as evidenced by what is going on at Amherst and other schools all over the nation. How can they be racist? Against whites? Sure. Against Jews? Sure. Against blacks? Gimme a break.

These demands are absurd and should be rejected out of hand. Instead, this wimp of a president cancels her trip to Japan to meet with students. If the students don't want to be associated with the man that the town and school were named after, maybe they could have chosen a different place to study.

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