Thursday, October 29, 2015

Zero Hour Returns to Germany

Hat tip Shirley

In German historiography the end of World War II is called "zero hour" Stunde null as its cities lay in ruins. In many towns, residents were forced out of their homes to clear the way for Allied soldiers. Can it all be happening again?

* Please don't send in comments accusing me of being sympathetic to German civilians at the end of WW II. I am merely stating facts.

A couple of scenes from today's Germany thanks to Angela Merkel.

Note the politically correct news commentary in the first video. While sympathizing for the hotel workers who lost their jobs, no opposition to the admission of all these refugees is heard. And those speaking in the second video better beware. The new Gestapo may be listening. In case you didn't know it, freedom of speech doesn't really exist in Europe when it comes to matters like this.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Refugees living in camps? Sound more like the early years of WW II to me. Didn't Hitler say that if we don't get the Jews under control, they will over-run us like rats? If you want to draw parallels... which I don't, because the first half of an analogy is always easier than the second half, in which is resembles life, but not, of course, love.