Sunday, October 25, 2015

Will Angela Merkel Complete What Hitler Started?

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

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In 1933 Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. Twelve short years later, the country lay in ruins. It's cities were destroyed by Allied bombing, their armies defeated, and the country occupied and eventually divided in two. What had been a beautiful, idyllic land was decimated by the actions of a genocidal madman.

Yet, the country was reborn and rebuilt. True, the eastern part was under Soviet control until the Berlin Wall came down, but the Germans managed to rebuild their country into a decent and thriving democracy. When Angela Merkel became chancellor, she appeared to be a responsible and respected leader even though she came out of the old DDR (East Germany).

But now, Merkel has lost the support of her countrymen as she has embarked on an insane policy of admitting literally hundreds of thousands of so-called refugees and migrants from Syria, Iraq, North Africa and who knows where else. What's more, she is taking the lead in pressuring other EU nations to admit more themselves. It matters not that a disturbing majority of these people appear to be able-bodied young men or that ISIS has already declared their intent to infiltrate their terrorists into the hordes of migrants. Merkel wants as many as possible. Already, the cities and towns are imploding under the influx. There is insufficient housing, and locales are pressuring their citizens to bring migrants into their homes. Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs has posted a German news report that tells of sick and elderly Germans being evicted from their apartments in order to make room for these migrants-who complain that their lodgings are still inadequate. (I am reaching out to my German friends to check on this.) Civil disorder is rising and will ultimately explode. Rapes are on the rise. The migrants are demanding admittance into Germany and Sweden in preference to other countries because of the increased welfare benefits. It seems only the former East bloc countries and former Yugolav republics have enough common sense to try and resist the wave of invaders.

Why is Merkel pursuing this policy that threatens to take Germany back to the post-WW I period when civil war rages in the cities? Is it because the German birth rate cannot sustain itself and the generous welfare state? Is the remedy really bringing in people who refuse to assimilate, who have no respect for European customs, who will bring crime and increased welfare costs and generally contribute nothing to society?

What about the Jews still living in Germany? Why should they remain in the face of what is sure to come-assaults and murder as already seen in France, Belgium, Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe?

It seems that Europe is determined to commit suicide and surrender to a wave of Islamic immigration that will engulf and ultimately conquer the continent. And Angela Merkel is leading the way.

Somehow, Ger,many managed to survive Adolf Hitler. Will they survive Angela Merkel?

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