Sunday, October 11, 2015

What Did They Hear in That Anaheim Mosque?

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Two Orange County (Ca) men are on trial for attempting to join ISIS. An interesting piece on that case is mentioned prominently in Jihad Watch.

"According to the document, on the last Friday of April, after prayer services at a mosque in Orange County, Elhuzayel and Badawi spoke enthusiastically about Islamic State. It says one proclaimed a wish to join the group and die a martyr on a battlefield."

"She had described her son as “Muslim, but not very religious, just normal.” Over the last year, he had become more observant, frequently attending Friday prayer services at a mosque in Anaheim, she said. But she insisted it was impossible that he’d slipped into extremism. He was, she said, “a simple, gullible, nice kid.”

While there are several mosques in Orange County, I am only aware of one in Anaheim. That is the Islamic Center of Anaheim located on Brookhurst. If my inference is correct, it is there that these two defendants may have heard something that inspired them to join ISIS. 

Coincidentally enough, I visited this mosque last year during their Open Mosque Day.

To be fair, I might be reading too much into the news reports about the concerned mosque(s), but I wonder what, if anything, these two men may have heard that influenced them to join ISIS.

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