Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The "Debate"

Yes, Folks. That's what CNN called it last night. A debate. Was there a disagreement there someplace? I won't go into details, but just some thoughts on what happened last night in Las Vegas. (And I am not talking about some member of the Kardashian family who was found passed out in a brothel. Maybe he was watching the debate and couldn't take any more.)

Can you imagine two bigger wimps than Lincoln Chafee and Martin O"Malley? That guy Chafee reminds me of "the other Tony Romo" in those Direct TV  ads.

The only one on that stage who I could possibly vote for was Jim Webb, who is a centrist. Of course, he has no chance. (He was the only one who didn't roll over and pander to the Spanish language rep who asked about immigration reform.) Hillary, of course, told us about her earlier meeting with a group of Dreamers in Nevada. (I'm not talking about those who dream of winning the slots.)

Hillary was...Hillary, just as programmed and predictable as a can of Budweiser. No gaffes, nothing memorable; just Bud Hillary. Of course, when Anderson Cooper asked her about those emails, she gave her standard response. ("It was a mistake. It was allowed. I am transparent etc.") Bernie Sanders then threw her a lifeline with his "memorable" let's move on line that he doesn't care about her damned emails. Thanks, Bernie. And we don't care about your damned honeymoon in the USSR.

If you are a liberal, Bernie Sanders is your guy. He carried the debate. He is eloquent, he is passionate, and he is wrong. I mean this is a guy who honeymooned in the Soviet Union!!?? Perhaps his best line was when he was asked how he is going to pay for free college tuition for all. By taxing Wall Street speculators!

Look for Webb, Chafee and O'Malley to drop out of this campaign within the next five minutes. On the bright side, maybe they can win at the slots before they leave Vegas.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Where were you the day Bernie Sanders was sworn in to succeed Barack Obama?

elwood p suggins said...

If Sanders is elected, I will eat that entire old crow I have staked out, guts, feathers, and all.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

You know we're too nice to hold you to that, elwood.

elwood p suggins said...

No you're not.