Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Students for Murder in Israel

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

                                                                                Hatem Bazian and friends

Richard Cravatts of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East reports on the pro-intifada protests held this week at Stanford and UC Berkeley in the wake of on-going terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in Israel. And who are these students who celebrate the Palestinian violence? Why none other than Hatem Bazian's Students for Justice in Palestine, whose true name should be the title of this posting

On a more positive note, here is how Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers reported on the pro-Israel side of the Berkeley event.

Make no mistake. SJP is a organization of brown shirt bullies who advocate for a single state called Palestine with no Israels Jews.  If tomorrow, Israel were overrun by Arab hordes and every last Jew put to the sword, these cretins would be dancing on every campus in America. This is the hate that they have brought to campus after campus in America. This is why universities, whether they care to admit it (which they don't) have a crisis of anti-Semitism on their hands. This is why swastikas are appearing on campus after campus.

It is time for universities to recognize Bazian's creation for what it is and revoke their campus charters.

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