Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Students for Justice in Palestine Hosts Rasmieh Odea As Speaker

Hat tip JJ and Stand With Us

You don't need much more proof of the radical bent of Students for Justice in Palestine than their hosting Rasmieh Odea as a speaker in San Diego.

And who is Rasmieh Odea, you ask? Only a woman who was recently convicted of immigration fraud after she hid her past as a convicted terrorist in Israel. She was involved in a bombing that killed two people. She failed to disclose that when she entered the US and later when she became a US citizen. She is now appealing her conviction, prison sentence, revocation of citizenship and deportation. While all that is going on, she shows up to speak at SJP's national conference at San Diego State University, all under the blind eyes of university officials.!msg/sandiegoteam/M2Ib4ZVWNEs/8G092pF2BgAJ

Shame on SJP and shame on SDSU.

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