Monday, October 12, 2015

Obama's Faint Defense of Hillary Clinton

Faint praise, indeed, when Obama admits that Hillary Clinton made a mistake by using her private server, but national security was not harmed.

Well, how about this, Mr President. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who is chairing the sub-committee investigating Benghazi, has just announced that Clinton received an email from her old pal, Sid Blumenthal, which contained the name of a Libyan asset working with the CIA, which she forwarded to the State Department-all on her unsecured private server.

Now that's some mistake. If that isn't classified material I don't know what is. It disproves her assertion that she sent no classified information on that private server.

If that email was compromised it would mean death for whomever that person in Libya was. Mrs Clinton made a mistake every time she corresponded with that server-thousands of times over 4 years-excepting of course those that dealt with her yoga classes, her Mom's funeral and Chelsea's wedding

"Obama added that he was not initially aware that Clinton was using the private server, which was kept at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., as opposed to a professional data center."

Oh? And just when did you become aware, Mr President? And why didn't you put a halt to it when you did become aware, which must have been in the early days of your first administration?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

He's probably glad to have an opportunity not to endorse her for president, but wants to be nice about it.