Thursday, October 29, 2015

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Coming to UC Irvine

Melissa Harris-Perry is one of MSNBC's lineup of uber-liberal talking heads whose main topic day after day is bashing Republicans. There is very little to no debate at MSNBC. Pravda has more balance than MSNBC. So now, UC Irvine is announcing that Harris-Perry will be appearing at our campus on November 9 to talk about why Black Lives Matter is important in politics.

Full disclosure. Melissa is a pretty lady in my book, but behind that charming smile, what comes out of her mouth is not so pretty.

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Aside from her predictable rants against Republicans (which is a prerequisite for employment at MSNBC), Harris-Perry is also heavy into racial politics. Just this week, she made headlines for chastising a Republican guest for describing Paul  Ryan as a "hard worker". Apparently, that was a trigger or micro-aggression, as they say in academia, for Harris-Perry. According to her, hard work is working in the cotton fields-with its obvious racial connotation. Never mind that she has used the expression, "hard work" many times herself.

I am guessing that Harris-Perry will come to Irvine and do her best to divide her student audience by race. After all, that is de rigueur on college campuses today. She is certainly not going to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement, no matter how much violence against cops they have inspired, no matter how many lies they propagate. Case in point? On October 18, Harris-Perry hosted an unapologetic Monica Dennis, a BLM leader, on her TV show. After playing the infamous Minnesota State Fair BLM march where they chanted, "Pigs in a  blanket. Fry em like bacon", Harris-Perry switched to denouncing the GOP's "rabid rhetoric" as being worse. Her "example" of that was a very fair and factual statement by Ted Cruz.

And no, Melissa: It was not just one incident-a few seconds caught on videotape. She must have forgotten  the December 14, 2014 New York City march in which people were chanting, "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now".

So will I go and listen to what she has to say? I am leaning against it. After all, I finish my day at UCI at 4 and she comes on at 7. What will I do for three hours? Besides, if I am correct, the q and a will be so structured that a select few sympathetic students will be chosen to lob up softball questions to the speaker. That is usually the case when a "VIP" comes to speak. I am reminded of when Obama religious adviser Eboo Patel came to speak at UC Irvine.

So I am guessing that hardball (no pun intended) questions will probably not be allowed. So what's the point? I do agree that priority should be given to students in these venues, but not to the total exclusion of someone else who might have a harder question.


elwood p suggins said...

She is simply just another far left-wing racist mopette on just another far-left, also essentially racist, TV network. The woods are full of them these days. She should be grateful for what this country has done for her.

It is not necessary to have been a slave/slave descendant in order to have "worked hard". I am white. While I never worked the cotton fields, my mother, also white, did in her youth. My father, also white, was basically a common laborer for some/much of his working life.

Let me see. Just to name a few jobs I have had, I have baled hay, dug ditches, picked vegetables in a truck patch, built fence, shoveled manure (both cow and chicken), mowed lawns, and caught turkeys out of a turkey house for slaughter. In college, I was a fry cook, busboy, and janitor, to include swamping out restrooms.

I would call most of that "hard work". Most people that I know/associate with have had similar experiences.

I may possibly have gotten a little smarter by my senior year in college, when one of my other jobs was as an underage bartender at a country club in a dry county in Arkansas. It was, I guess, really not "hard work", at least in terms of manual labor, but there were a few "problem " customers.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Ranting against Republicans is like shooting fish in a barrel. The fact that she seldom says anything worth listening to just proves the point. elwood, you wouldn't know "left" if you tripped over it in broad daylight. The working class works hard. The bourgeoisie are a bunch of parasites. Anyone who thinks "word hard" is microagression is petty bourgeois, and I mean petty. Now petit bourgeois, that's something else entirely. A lot of perfectly nice people own small businesses where they have to work hard themselves or the whole thing would go under.