Monday, October 19, 2015

John Kerry Rejects Israelis' Arming Themselves

Hat tip PJ Tattler


John Kerry plainly considers himself to be the smartest guy in the room. On the contrary, he is a foolish and naive boob. He proved it yet again today when he expressed his disapproval with the Israeli governments' urging that its citizens arm themselves ("self-help") in the wake of all the Palestinian attacks. The latest this weekend involved a Palestinian storming a bus station and shooting up the place. A policeman was killed and ten others wounded before the gunman was killed.

Meanwhile, boob Kerry's negotiating partner, Mahmoud Abbas, is celebrating "every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem" while Hamas puts out a handbook on "how to stab a Jew".

Not how to stab an Israeli. Not how to stab a Zionist. How to stab a Jew.

But none of this gets through Kerry's thick head. He is on his way to the Middle East yet again to try and do what he has been unable to do-bring about agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. The language that he and President Obama use indicates a moral equivalency between Israeli and knife-wielding Palestinians. It is an absurdity, and Kerry's latest remarks are obscene.


Squid said...

John Kerry's foreign policy is a colostomy. His bias sways toward the anti-Semitic, Muslim Brotherhood loving Obama


Siarlys Jenkins said...

What works for Switzerland certainly could have useful applications elsewhere. Although as far as I have read, Swiss citizens need permission from their military superior to access ammunition for the weapon they are required to keep.