Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Deutschland Unter Alles

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is taking the lead in Europe in welcoming all the refugees coming into Europe from Syria, Iraq, Northern Africa and even Bangladesh. "Come one come all" says Merkel. It is hardly surprising that the majority of these refugees are determined not just to get into Europe but specifically into Germany or Sweden , the countries that offer the most benefits. Below is a description of what is happening in Germany.

And the Obama administration wants to bring some 200,000 of these people into the US. Never mind that our intelligence services have already stated that we cannot adequately do background checks on all of them. Never mind that ISIS has already stated  that they will infiltrate their terrorists into these so-called refugees. It just doesn't matter to the Obamas and Merkels of the world.

God protect us from our leaders-both in Europe and the US.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yeah, that's what they said about the Jewish refugees in 1938.