Friday, October 30, 2015

"Death to Jews" Pro-Palestinian Demonstration in Malmo

Hat tip Jihad i Malmo

On October 18, there was a disgusting anti-Israel demonstration in Malmo, Sweden-that country's third largest city and capital of anti-Jewish hate thanks to its large Muslim immigrant population.

In this protest, two members of the Swedish parliament actually spoke. There were also chants of ,"Death to Jews" and "Fedayeen-Continue the knife attacks". The below article from Jihad I Malmo is in Swedish and Danish. I am giving a summary translation.

The protest was organized by the Palestinian Cultural Association and several other southern Sweden Arab groups. The two parliament members speaking were Daniel Sestrajcic and Hillevi Larsson, both notorious anti-Israel activists.

I find it pretty hard to sympathize with Sweden. They have created the very monster they wanted-a multi-cultural society, in which they invited the wrong cultures in. No have they bo-go zones full of angry and restive immigrants, mostly Muslims, who are contributing nothing to society but crime and welfare costs.

And guess what: Tens of thousands more are on the way. Right now they are making their way from Eastern and Southern Europe with their principle destinations being Germany and Sweden. That's because those governments have their arms open wide with the most social benefits.

Meanwhile, Sweden's Jews, like French Jews- are leaving in droves.

So congratulations, Sweden. You wanted a multi-kulti society. You got it.

Oh, I almost forgot. In the past 24 hours, there was a school shooting in Gothenburg. It happened in an area heavily populated by immigrants, I understand. One 26-year-old man is dead and police are scouring the area looking for a man on a moped.

No further description, of course.

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