Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another NY Cop Murdered

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Officer Randolph Holder

Randolph Holder became the 4th New York City police officer murdered in the last 11 months last night. The suspect, Tyrone Howard is a career criminal with numerous arrests in his record. Nonetheless, Judge Edward McLaughlin sent him to a drug diversion program instead of prison.

Of course, Judge McLaughlin callously defends his decision.

“I don’t get a crystal ball when I get a robe.”

(No, but he had Howard's rap sheet to go by.)

One really has to pity the NYPD having to work in such an atmosphere under mayor Bill de Blasio. You have Al Sharpton leading crowds in protesting the cops, you have marchers chanting for death to cops, and you have the Obama administration, which is eager to go after cops any chance they get as they send representatives to funerals of thugs killed by cops. Now we have another dead officer, apparently at the hands of a man who never should have been out on the street. 

I note that Officer Holder was black, and I do so for only one reason. I wonder if the Black Lives Matter crowd has any comment, any vigil, any message of sympathy.

I doubt it.

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elwood p suggins said...

Yeah, funny how black lives matter to some black folk. Except when they don't, that is.