Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Will Germany Cancel the Oktoberfest?

Hat tip to Chris

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"We understand that the Oktoberfest is an annual German tradition, but we, the Muslims, can not tolerate this UN-Islamic event because it offends us and all Muslims on the Earth. We call for the immediate repeal of the upcoming Oktoberfest event."

As I watch Germany take the lead in the European rush to commit suicide and turn their countries into Muslim-majority hell-holes, the below article tells me that we are really getting close to the abyss. There is a move afoot to cancel the impending Munich Oktoberfest because the tents are needed for refugees and because beer drinking is offensive to Muslims. The below article is in German, but translated into English.

Here is the English translation:

This is what we call Creeping Sharia. What will they demand next?

If there are not enough tents in Munich, send them elsewhere, I say. As for this arrogant letter-writer from the Netherlands, the response should be curt:

"Leck mein arse!"


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Because the tents are needed for refugees might be appropriate. There are such things as emergencies. Americans put up with ration stamps during WW II, drove a lot less, left the oil for the war effort, collected fats and tin cans... but the fact that beer drinking might offend Muslims is irrelevant, not to mention most caliphs in history drank quite a bit, and I bet the current self-declared one does too.

Squid said...


You wrote: "What will they demand next?"

The answer is easy. The next demand will be that the well endowed young, lady holding all those beer steins, must wear a burka.


Gary Fouse said...

When they mess with my German beer, it's war!

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Go for it Gary.