Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What Happens When You Criticize Black Lives Matter at Wesleyan College

Hat tip The College Fix

Iraqi war vet Bryan Stascavage found out when he wrote an op-ed in Wesleyan College's Argus campus newspaper that contained criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. He specifically referred to the chants of the BLM marchers in St Paul, Minnesota recently when they referred to "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon". The result is that Wesleyan is in a state of  uproar of sorts. What followed was an example of the intimidation tactics of many BLM groups on college campuses.

If BLM (the movement) wants to hold honest discussions of what is happening in black communities across the nation, it must not try to dictate the actual discourse and stamp out opposing views.

And what would constitute opposing views?

1 Defending the police and condemning the targeted murderous attacks against them.
2 Pointing out the thousands of black lives lost to murder at the hands of other blacks.
3 Pointing out the hundreds of thousands of black lives killed in the womb every year.
4 Criticizing BLM when it engages in tactics of intimidation.

The administration of Wesleyan rightly stood up for the principle of free speech in this case. How sad it is that too few of their colleagues have the guts to do the same. As a result, the BLM movement is yet another irritant that college students and administrators will have to endure for the next several years.

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