Monday, September 28, 2015

The Hypocrisy of the Arab World

One of the central themes of the pro-Palestinian lobby is the term, Naqba-the catastrophe. It refers to the Arabs who wound up in refugee settlements after the 1948 Arab-Israel war. Of course, Arab historiography neglects to mention the half a million or so Jews driven out of Arab lands as a result of that war. Similarly, the Arab world seems to be blind to the hundreds of thousands of Arabs fleeing civil wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. While perfectly happy to watch Europe and the US accept and absorb these refugees, they are unwilling to accept any themselves. (There are refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, which border Syria, but look for these to be emptied out to the West.) Diane Weber Bederman has an article in the Times of Israel pointing out the hypocrisy of the Arab world when it comes to refugees.

Why is it that none of our leaders, either Obama or the European leaders, cannot have the courage to tell the Arab world that they should be the first destination for the overwhelming majority of these refugees? Why must it always fall on us?

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