Friday, September 25, 2015

Saudi Prince Busted for Sexual Assault in Beverly Hills

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"Keep your hands off the maids, Jed."

This may not be exactly reminiscent of the Beverly Hillbillies, but some comparisons can be drawn. In the former case, we had a family of hillbillies who struck oil on their property, became rich and moved to Beverly Hills-with hysterical results. In the latter, we have people who formerly rode around on camels strike oil, become rich, and move to Beverly Hills. However, in this case, the results are not so funny.

Of course, don't expect to see Majed Abdulaziz al Saud in court or jail. He is probably already back in Riyadh. The only question is what, if any, punishment he will receive there. I'm betting none.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

There was a funny Saturday Night Live skit called "the Bel-Arabs." They even got the original Jane Hathaway actress to play her traditional role.