Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Panel of "Experts" at UCLA Say, "Give Iran a Chance"

Hat tip Campus Watch

"According to Spiegel, the task before the United States is to achieve a complicated balance wherein its actions signal to Iran that it means business, while restoring the confidence of other regional powers that the U.S. is capable of taking the actions needed to constrain Iran’s ability to build nuclear weapons."

What would you expect from a panel at UCLA co-sponsored by the Center for Near East Studies? Especially when they tell you that we should all give the infamous US-Iran nuke deal a chance.

Just because Iran is the world's largest state sponsor of international terrorism.

Just because the president of Iran leads mobs in chanting, " Death to America".

Just because we are sending $100 Billion to them so they can finance more terror.

Just because they made a side deal with the IAEA that allows them to do their own inspections at the Parchim facility.

Just because the mullahs swear to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

Just because they are holding three or four of our citizens under trumped up charges.

Just because they shoot down their protesters in the streets.

Just because they persecute religious minorities.

Just because they execute gays.

That all amounts to nothing in the face of these so-called experts at UCLA who pronounce that we must give peace a chance. What could possibly go wrong?

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