Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is the University of California Going to Punt on Anti-Semitism?

It appears that the University of California is trying to escape from a vote on adopting the State Department's definition of Anti-Semitism during the regents meeting scheduled for September 15-17. Instead it appears rthey are going to devise some watered-down statement against intolerance "in all its forms". That would be totally unacceptable. You can take action below.

Universities make statements against hate virtaully every day. To issue such a statement now would be the coward's way out. The University of California must not only specifically address anti-Semitism, but take concrete steps to stop the spread of this virus. Adopting the State Department's definition would be a good first step. Of course, in the name of "free speech" the pro-Palestinian forces are making a full court press against this measure.

In a few days we shall see who has the most influence upon the University of California. Will the regents set a standard for the rest of the country to follow? Or will they take the coward's way out?

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