Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Intel Agencies Confirm: Top Secret Messages on Hillary's Private Server

Viewer warning: This post is Top Secret

An intelligence review has confirmed that at least two top secret communications were found on Hillary Clinton's private email server.

"She told the Associated Press in an interview that "what I did was allowed" and reiterated that she did not "send or receive" information marked classified at the time." 

"In a statement, Andrea Williams, a spokeswoman for the intelligence community inspector general, said "the overall classification of those two emails remains unchanged. Both emails were classified when they were created and remain classified now." 

Is there any doubt left that Mrs. Clinton is lying through her teeth? Of the latest 7,000 emails released by the State Department, 100 have been found to be classified. And these are just the ones that her team overlooked when they were checking which ones they could turn back to DOS. The ones that deal with Benghazi, her conflicts of interest with contributions to the Clinton Foundation and Bill's speeches will have to be retrieved by the FBI tech team.

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