Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How the University of North Carolina Daily Tarheel Comemmorated 9-11

Hat tip Campus Reform

Here is how the Daily Tarheel, campus newspaper of the University of North Carolina marked 9-11; by publishing an op-ed calling our country an "agent of global violence".

I wonder if the author of this piece of garbage thinks that going to war in World War II after Pearl Harbor was being an agent of global violence. What does he think we were supposed to do after 9-11-send John Kerry to Kabul to negotiate?

Sadly, this is the type of mentality one finds on university campuses these days. It;s not just UNC. It is virtually everywhere where radical, misfit professors indoctrinate our children into thinking America is an evil, imperialistic country. The next step is where professors like Neel Ahuja or students like Mr Gosrani can write such insults about our country. To be sure, they have the legal right to do so. We have the legal right to voice our disgust. If Gosrani thinks I am some sort of jingoistic bigot for telling him where to go, I don't much care.

So Mr Gosrani, if that is how you feel about this country, please leave and find some hellhole that suits you better.

And please take Professor Ahuja with you.

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