Saturday, September 12, 2015

How Are Those Refugees Working Out For You, Germany?

* I am in New Orleans attending a conference of retired DEA agents, so posting is light.

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Here is an alarming report on the refugee camps in Germany.

A year or so ago, a German reporter from Der Spiegel visited one of the refugee camps in Lebanon or Jordan. He was alarmed at the number of bad apples he saw there. Apparently, nobody in Germany reads Der Spiegel anymore.

But Angela Merkel plans to add 850,000 this year and 500,000 a year in the next several years.

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elwood p (not o, he's my cousin) suggins said...

Germany and others who are admitting refugees in these numbers had best hang on to their hats; I believe they are in for a wild ride in the not too distant future.
First thing you know, some/much of Europe will be like I understand parts of London, much/most of Dearborn, MI, etc., to be as they already are. We should take a lesson.