Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hillary's Latest Astounding Excuses

Every day Hillary Clinton continues to astound me. Now she comes out with this interview with NBC's sympathetic Andrea Mitchell in which she says she is "sorry her email issue has confused so many people" and that she had so many burning issues on her plate when she took over the State Department, she didn't stop and think about her email set-up. You talk about turning truth on its head!


I am sorry, Mrs Clinton, but there was nothing for you to stop and think about when you became SecState. They had a ready-made system that you were expected to use, one that was as  secure as could be expected. Don't give us this "I didn't stop to think about it business". Who does she think she's kidding?

Don't answer that.

And as for confusing us, I am not confused one bit. She did it because she wanted to shield her daily underhanded dealings from the public. She didn't want anybody prying into her sweetheart State Dept. deals for companies, individuals and countries that fed big money into the Clinton Foundation not to mention giving Bill sweetheart speaking gigs at hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop. She didn't want the facts about her Benghazi decisions before, during, and after the attack coming out. The result was that she never used the State Dept. system instead using a home brew system out of her own house. Classified-unclassified? "What difference did it make?" to coin her own phrase.
Every time this woman opens her mouth with her denials, she digs herself deeper and deeper.

Those Clinton communications dealing with Benghazi, Bill's speeches, Clinton Foundation contributions, and favors to contributors are no doubt among the "30,000" (It could be hundreds of thousands) that were purposely deleted. It will be up to the FBI tech experts to retrieve them.

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