Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hatem Bazian and Omar Barghouti Team Up For Another Sideshow at UC Berkeley

Hat tip Campus Watch and Frontpage Magazine

"There is a lid for every pot."

Cinnamon Stillwell has a piece in Frontpage Magazine reporting on the latest sideshow at UC Berkeley. This one featured professor ( I use that word lightly) Hatem Bazian and Omar the Ingrate Barghouti. Now this is a pair! The latter is the delightful lad who was reportedly (he doesn't like to say where he was born) born in Qatar and raised in Egypt before he obtained his higher education in the US and at Tel Aviv University in Israel. That's why I call him an ingrate. He is making his entire life and livelihood by traveling around the world trashing Israel and promoting his boycott campaign (BDS) against the Jewish state-where he was educated. Bazian is his alter ego.-a guy who immigrated here from the West Bank, got his higher education here, and has called for an intifada in the US. That makes two ingrates.

But you don't want to read what I write. You want to read Cinnamon's report, so here it is:

How odd (and hypocritical) that Barghouti attacks Israeli universities considering he got an advanced degree from TAU.

And this circus was co-sponsored by UCB's Department of Near Eastern Studies? Shock and dismay!

Let's be frank here. UC Berkeley is a joke-just as the city of Berkeley and its city leaders is a joke. The university is run by a feckless guy named Nicolas Dirks, who is always wringing his hands at the lack of civil discourse on campus but hasn't a clue as how to make it a better place. It's the inmates like Bazian who run the joint up there in Beserkly. He is the co-founder not only of SJP and AMP, but Zaytuna College and the-get this- Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UCB (Barrows Hall room 638). Both of these "institutions" are run out of broom closets, the former in a teacher's office big enough for one or two people and a desk and the latter using rented space in an off-site building.

But what the Hell. It's just a grain of sand in the giant mess that passes for education in the US.

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