Friday, September 18, 2015

Did Trump Fumble the "Muslim Question"?

Yesterday at a town hall in Rochester, NH, Donald Trump took a question from someone in the audience. It was about Muslims.

First of all, it may be that the questioner was a plant who was trying to get Trump to say something inflammatory. Having said that, I don't think Trump handled it well. Saying that he was going to look into it doesn't come off well, and it must be said that he gives too many answers like that while not going into specifics as to what exactly he would do as president.

More importantly, I think he would have done better to say that if the man was referring to all Muslims, he was wrong, and that he (Trump) has no evidence that Obama is anything other than a Christian who was born in the US. Then he could have said how he will deal with radical Islamists, whether overseas or here in the US.

As to the reference to the terrorist training camp, there have been reports about radical Muslims in some compound somewhere in upper New York State who do military training. Is it true? I don't know, but if so, seems to me the FBI would have raided it long ago a'la Waco.

I myself would like to know what Trump's position is on militant Islam and what he would do about it. He didn't exactly illuminate it, did he? Sooner or later, Trump can't just identify problems and say he was going to have the best experts with him and he was going to be the greatest president when it comes to-fill-in-the blank. Eventually, Republican voters are not going to let him get away with it.

Or are they?


elwood p suggins said...

I have to wonder if it is Trump's job to defend Obama. Further, do you believe either Obama or Hillary, or any lib/leftie for that matter, would "correct the record" and defend Trump if someone made inaccurate statements about him at one of their events under similar circumstances?? Highly unlikely!!!

It is, of course, related to Islam/Muslims, so we have to bend over backwards and assume the politically correct posture.

Squid said...

I had posted this before, but it is appropriate here:
From Audacity of Hope written by Barack Obama, on page 261 in the paperback edition:
“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”

We have a President who is, as Rev. Wright put it, never left his Muslim background. His father was Muslim. His stepfather was Muslim. For the first six years of his life, he attended a Medrassa. Obama's first foreign speech was made at the Al Azar University in Egypt, were he demeaned America in front of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood who he invited to the address. The MB took power after the U.S supported Arab Spring (they burned churches and killed Christians after they took power). When George Steppenopolis interviewed Obama in 2008, he identified his religion as Muslim ("My Muslim belief"). He recently met with the MB right after the Charlie Hebdo march in France, which he did not attend. He also met secretly with Muslim leaders yesterday and did not let the press know who was in attendance. But most of all, Obama revealed himself well before the elect and almost everyone ignored it or did not care.
Rev. Wrights house of worship is Black liberation Theology. This is not strictly a christian faith. A man called Cone put BLT together to distance itself from the white man's Christian church. Many times, Louise Farrakan, who leads the Nation of Islam, preached at the BLT house of worship. He preached anti-white, anti-Semitism and anti-America. Rev. Wright published Farrakan's articles in the BLT newsletter on many occasions. Obama continued to attend and read the "Trumpet" for 20 years.
If Trump put forward this information and stated: "You make the decision whether Obama's is a Christian or a Muslim.