Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cornell President Says Government Should Regulate Speech

Hat tip College Insurrection

"To serve a compelling state interest"

Chalk up newly-installed Cornell President Elizabeth Garrett as one who thinks the government should regulate speech-meaning speech opposed to her "progressive" world view. That's what she said at her inauguration speech and she doubled down on it at a panel featuring a group of like-minded professors. College Insurrection, a blog written by Cornell law professor William Jacobson has the depressing report.

 Here is what the Cornell Review had to say about Garrett.

I am not a professor-just an adjunct teacher at the University of California at Irvine Extension, but I will interject a comment here. Every dictator from Hitler to Stalin to Mao has uttered similar words as Garrett. This is what the “progressive” left stands for-the stamping out of speech they don’t agree with. Students should be marching demanding her resignation. (But I’m sure they aren’t.)

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