Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bryan Pagliano Reportedly Paid Privately By the Clintons to Handle Hillary's Server

Fox News has more information of the IT staffer at DOS, Bryan Pagliano, which makes the whole thing smell even fishier than before. It is reported by Fox that Pagliano did IT work for Hillary during her campaign then joined her at DOS when she became secretary of state. Not only that, but the Clinton family reportedly paid him out of their own funds to handle Hillary's private server.

Aside from the question of Pagliano apparently conducting outside work without notifying State, a violation of regulations, it raises questions as to why the secretary of state would hire a State employee to do any work-let alone set up this controversial private server.

No wonder Pagliano is claiming the 5th amendment rather than testify before Congress. Maybe Hillary should do the same.


elwood p suggins said...

The plot sickens.

If Pagliano did not report the outside work to State, did he report the income to IRS?? The former may be only regulatory, but the latter is/can be criminal. That may or may not involve the Clintons, depending on whether they were part of a plan to keep it "off the books", as it were. Also be interesting if he was the "wiper".

I also note that while Hillary and Pagliano obviously had access to the server, the link indicates that Bill Clinton, Chelsea, and "former aides" not further identified (perhaps others than Mills and Abedin??) also used it.

I will readily admit that I do not if ex-Presidents, ex-Secretaries of State, their children, and their aides carry security clearances over into retirement, unlike the rest of us. Betcha Gary didn't. If not, then there was/is the great likelihood of unauthorized access to highly classified material/information, no??

Gary Fouse said...

Good point, Elwood. I no longer carry any security clearances as I did in DEA. (While in Italy, I underwent a further background investigation in order that I could get a clearance to receive info from the CIA.) Of course, that no longer applies.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

If State Department funds had been paid to Pagliano, you would have been screaming scandalous misuse of government funds to pay for private server.

Hillary is a pompous fool, but you can't have it both ways at once.