Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bill Clinton and the Right Wing Conspiracy

This is typical Clinton.

Oh, that pro-Republican media. And how does Bill explain the interest of the FBI? And is Judge Emmett Sullivan also part of the right-wing conspiracy? He was placed on his current seat on the bench by.....

President William Jefferson Clinton.


Squid said...

Bill Clinton is a lier! There is nothing he can say that we should believe. He will cover for Hillary in order to get back to the White House, to make more money and garner more power.
A just released email dump about Hillary's swearing that she gave all the work related emails to government agencies is false. She signed that all emails were turned over, but there were more government related emails in the dump. In my opinion, this is perjury. It is now clear to me why the FBI is holding back on sharing Hillary email documents, as they know that there is a high probability that this information will reach the Grand Jury or higher.



Gary Fouse said...


Keep in mind that unlike Judicial Watch and Trey Gowdy, the FBI won't be able to disclose what they have found in her server until a determination is made whether to prosecute.