Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another Example of How Hillary Violated the Security Rules

Hat tip Family Security Matters and Squid

"It's a public statement. Just send it."

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, writing for Family Security Matters, describes in detail how Hillary Clinton violated her own State Dept. rules when she insisted that top DOS aide, Jake Sullivan, transmit a document that was classified to her via the unclassified system.

Today, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton the worst secretary of state we have ever had (with the caveat that John Kerry may take that crown from her before he is through). Trump was spot on.

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Squid said...

This piece blows a huge hole in Hillary's claim that she never had a classified document, or send one, on her personal server. This revelation shows she is a lier!
Coming up, maybe, is a document dump for the price of $500,000. A hacker claims that the 30,000 or so Hillary emails that were wiped from her server, by her obedient aides, would become available. That is, if the Feds do not arrest him first or something drastic happens to the person, such as an accidental death.
I cannot wait for the upcoming information, if it is true.