Monday, September 7, 2015

An Interview of Orit Arfa in the Huffington Post


Orit Arfa
-Huffington Post

I don't normally cross-post articles from the Huffington Post since it is a progressive site. I actually have it linked here on Fousesquawk under the Fiction Section.

I am going to make an exception here because the below link has an interview with Orit Arfa, a young Israeli-American activist for Israel. I happened to meet her a few years ago when she was working on behalf of Israel in Los Angeles. She has sent me this article, and I would like to post it here. It gives some insight into a much-maligned group of people, the Israelis who previously lived in Gaza and were removed by the IDF when Israel vacated Gaza. The interview is by Varda Epstein and focuses on Orit's new novel, "The Settler".

If you would like further information about Orit and her work on behalf of Israel, her website is:

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