Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Professor Who Missed the Civil Rights Movement

Hat tip The College Fix

"No national recognition. No national acceptance of responsibility. No national acknowledgment of the on-going terror.”

Crystal Fleming is a professor of sorts at Stony Brook University in New York. She teaches something called Africana Studies. Somewhere in her research, she overlooked the civil rights movement in the US because she talks like it never happened.

As far as acceptance of responsibility and national recognition and acknowledgment of our country's past when it comes to slavery, segregation and discrimination against black people, where has she been? In terms of acknowledgment of "the on-going terror", where is she living? This is a professor?

Our country has acknowledged the past and has taken great effort to ensure we don't go back to that past. Our children, white and black, are taught about this part of our history.  (Unfortunately, they don't get taught much about our history that is good anymore. )

As for the "on-going terror", that terror is the terror being visited upon blacks in the inner cities by other blacks. White night-riders are not invading black neighborhoods looking for blacks to gun down. As for the recent police-involved deaths, most have been found justified and the couple that were not are being handled by our court system. Yet, the demonization of our police has been so shrill that cops are now being ambushed in the streets.

That is on-going terror.

This dopey academic has the right to spout her nonsense, but frankly, I am tired of this kind of divisive and hateful rhetoric, especially when it comes from people in positions of responsibility and influence over the minds of our youth. Someday, the entire university system id going to have to take stock of the cancer that has metastasized across virtually every campus. How is it that the humanities and social sciences are so dominated by radical, left-wing people who hate everything this country stands for and who are so determined to use their classroom as a soapbox?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

She doesn't sound qualified to teach history. She has a right to spout whatever nonsense she wants, but not to get paid for it.