Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Troubling News Out of Israel

This past week there have been two very disturbing incidents in Israel.  In one, extremists attacked a Palestinian home in the West Bank and set it afire. As a result, an infant was killed. In the second incident a man went on a stabbing rampage at a gay pride parade in Jerusalem. One woman died of her wounds. In the former case, today one man was arrested in connection with the attack.

My regular readers know that I am an unapologetic supporter of Israel. That doesn't mean Israel is always perfect. It isn't, as evidenced by these two attacks.

But here is the difference: Israel has a court system and justice system to deal with these individuals. Unlike the West Bank and Gaza, attacks like these are investigated and punished. They are not condoned. They are not excused. And most of all  they are not celebrated. Contrast that with the hero status conferred upon Palestinians who commit deadly attacks against Israeli civilians. And do you really think anyone would dare to hold a gay pride parade in Gaza or the West Bank?

I hope that the persons responsible for these disgusting attacks are punished to the fullest extent of the law. Israel is a nation of laws, so I expect that will be the case.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Palestine would have a court system to deal with such things to, if there was an independent Palestinian state.

"There is a difference..."

"Do you think Judaism had anything to do with these atrocities?"